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Courage Dear Heart

Jan 9, 2022

This is a question that I answered from my free ladies only community 'She Finds Freedom from Habits, Self-Loathing & Anxiety'

I usually try to answer one question per week from that community but they just usually go to my YouTube channel or my Instagram.

This question was a bit juicier and I feel it deserves its own episode :)

This was the question:

"What is this feminine power I keep reading about?
Am I in masculine energy just because I work and pay the bills and put air in my tyres??
Am I in tune with my femininity?
Am I both? When with kids I’m a parent, creator, comfort and try to be fun
Some women can be cute and flirty naturally
Is that feminine?
Lol so many questions
I’m sure it’s within me!!??
Just sounds like something that’s been spoken about in the world of self-discovery??"

Have a listen as I answer this question to the best of my ability x


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