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Courage Dear Heart

Jul 15, 2024

#couragedearheart ♥️🦁 with client Sally about her work with me both 1:1 and as a member of my Circle ⭕️ group.

Sally's journey with me began in a unique way. She initially joined my field as a freebie coaching volunteer (See Guide #2 for Coaching Demos in my free FB community) and later decided to work with...

Apr 29, 2024

Please join me as I have a beautiful conversation with my client, Simone Daly, who has worked with me for a few years. She has completely transformed her life from one of feeling anxious, scared, fearful, and like her family would be better off without her - to total freedom and living a life she only dreamed...

Apr 22, 2024

Live podcast transmission for "Courage Dear Heart" around the topic of surrender vs submission from the feminine perspective. 

Do you feel tired? Exhausted? Stressed? Irritated? Burnt out? Do you feel life could be easier? Do you crave freedom? Have a listen to this :-)

LINK to Youtube Episode

My free community can be...

Jan 17, 2024

Have a listen as I speak to why I am moving the dial on my work, in my groups, & the profound impact my learning around the feminine & masculine energetics and the nervous system has had on me. ⁣

Listen for a resonance in your body, and I hope to continue to be a guide for you 💜

LINK to Youtube Episode

My free...

Oct 3, 2023

This is one of a series of live 1:1 coaching demos that I do in my free FB community, 'The Freedom Group'

This particular lovely lady has permitted me to share this on my podcast.

The topics we talk about are self-doubt/ rumination/ exhaustion/ busyness/inability to speak her truth out of fear/ people pleasing, and the...