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Courage Dear Heart

May 23, 2023

Hello, this week in the UK, is #mentalhealthweek, and this year's theme is ANXIETY! This is a subject very close to my heart, so here is a live podcast episode around anxiety, your nervous system, and the 3 Principles. 

I'd love to hear what you hear in this. 

YouTube version of the podcast:

Mar 1, 2023

Today I was joined by the rather wonderful Robin Lockhart

Robin has developed an outstanding international reputation as a specialist professional offering high-impact coaching, project management, training, research, evaluation, interventions, and front-line delivery services to individuals and communities globally....

Feb 13, 2023

This live episode of #couragedearheart is brought to you by myself interviewing the rather brilliant Jacquie Moses whom I first met whilst working with Elizabeth Lovius coaching corporate clients. 

I was instantly taken by her gentle and kind presence. 

She has been a guest for my Circle Community last year too....

Jan 30, 2023

Wendy spoke about wanting to stay invisible, not liking herself at all, not feeling good enough, and being crippled with anxiety & self-concern.

Have a listen and watch as Wendy sees for herself the impermanence of her #anxiety and watch how she visibly and noticeably settles down.

A goodie for sure 👌

All feelings...

Jan 16, 2023

I met these 2 wonderful humans when I did a retreat in Tenerife back in 2018, however, I had just the week before, been coached by them on Zoom when I felt utterly broken. 

I am lucky enough to have access to this video of me being coached by them back in 2018 at this very tough time in my life when I was experiencing...