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Courage Dear Heart

Jan 30, 2023

Wendy spoke about wanting to stay invisible, not liking herself at all, not feeling good enough, and being crippled with anxiety & self-concern.

Have a listen and watch as Wendy sees for herself the impermanence of her #anxiety and watch how she visibly and noticeably settles down.

A goodie for sure 👌

All feelings...

Jan 16, 2023

I met these 2 wonderful humans when I did a retreat in Tenerife back in 2018, however, I had just the week before, been coached by them on Zoom when I felt utterly broken. 

I am lucky enough to have access to this video of me being coached by them back in 2018 at this very tough time in my life when I was experiencing...

Jan 9, 2023


1. Sarah: Hi Charli, I'd love you to speak to this, I still feel that certain emotions are not acceptable, e.g. anxiety, sadness etc and try to use the 3ps to get out of it. How do you see its all ok?.x"

2. Jana: "I'm 41. Still single. Why am I so obsessed with getting married? It's wokring on my...