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Courage Dear Heart

Jun 14, 2021

Neil Hill founded Rewilding Bushcraft to share his passion for the natural world with people.

He believes that our modern disconnection from nature is leading directly to many of our personal, physical, and social problems. 
By training, a wildlife biologist, and wilderness instructor, Neil has led expeditions into some of the world’s most beautiful, remote, and wild environments. 

As well as these more adventurous undertakings Neil specialises in working with children, family groups, and schools. It is so important to bring children out into nature away from screens and the indoors. 

On his courses he will lead you into the wild places to engage with: fire lighting, shelter building, swimming in mountain lakes, climbing waterfalls, and simply sitting and reconnecting with nature. 

You will be taken safely on this journey by Neil, who is one of Europe’s leading nature and wilderness experts.

You can find out more about Neil here and I will always keep the retreats updated on my website.