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Courage Dear Heart

Oct 24, 2022

This is an incredibly special episode for me (possibly a Part One) as I am interviewing my own coach, Jonny Bowden.

We speak about the energetics that underpins all of the human behaviour, and the 'thing' that has really helped me see my ok-ness

Topics that we discuss:-

  • Internal energetic frequencies
  • The core energetic understanding is literally just a word for the actual experience you are having at any moment
  • There is a different place to look if you are experiencing a struggle that nothing else appears to have helped
  • We are offering signposts that we think may be interesting places for you to look at or think about
  • How looking at your problems as 'problems' won't work
    Connect to that knowing within you

After training in Law, Jonny spent the first 6 years of his professional life in the corporate world in various product development, sales, and account management roles.

Whilst his coaching career began somewhat inadvertently back in 2009 – he transitioned into this world full-time in 2014 and has since combined his coaching and consulting work with broader business development projects.

His core passion remains changework – helping individuals, groups & teams to achieve the kind of personal and business success that they truly desire, and to feel good about doing so.

He has a particular talent for helping those who feel stuck; who have been unable to work through and overcome the challenges they find themselves up against on their own, or who have struggled to find a solution through other avenues they have explored.

Outside of his work, he has a passion for health, fitness and nutrition… which he does his best to balance with his twin loves of food and travel. He also likes watching movies, reading, and spending time with family, friends and other fun & interesting people.

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