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Courage Dear Heart

Sep 26, 2022

This evening I chatted with Katherine Chidiac who is the founder of 'Now is New' - A project set up to promote and support young people's innate capacity for creativity and mental health.

Kat is a mum, creative, entrepreneur, author and teacher who loves exploring the fundamental truth of our experience with individuals, groups and in a variety of educational settings. She especially loves working with young people.

Following on from this live podcast interview, Kat & I will then be going into my Circle community for her to answer questions live from the Circle ladies *This is only available to my Circle Community.*

For more on Kat this is a longer bio... 

Kat has recently published a book called, 'Now is New' which you can have a look at here 

Kat is on TikTok and Instagram 

Here is the VIDEO version on YouTube

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