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Courage Dear Heart

Jul 1, 2022

This was an example of an Ask Me Anything session that I do in my Circle Community which was live-streamed into my free Facebook Community, The Freedom Group

The ladies sent their questions to me, and during this free session, I got time to answer 3 of the questions that came in, which you can see below.


  1. Kelley: "How do you stop worrying about everyone else so much and focus more on yourself? How do you learn to love yourself? (is that in the freedom programme that I need to revisit?) xx"
  2. Magda: What is ‘The Three Principles’ take on motivation, specifically around exercise? How come sometimes it lasts long (months) and then it’s not there at all Thank you, Charli x"
  3. Anon - "I was hoping for some words of support and advice this morning - I am peri-menopausal (currently in winter and not yet on HRT) and today I have been struggling with red mist so much. I feel tired, emotional and angry and really do not want to parent right now (in that I can't seem to cope with parenting on a daily basis). I am trying to allow the feelings and not judge, even when I take it out on the children. I circled back and apologised and used it as a teaching and learning moment for us all but I just feel tired of it all and really need some advice about how to navigate it when my hormones are playing havoc."

I only got time for these 3 questions during this session, but as you all know I always answer a question of the week, so please feel free to send them to me at if you would like me to speak to something, OR join my Circle Community where you will get access to much more of me in this kind of format.

My Circle ⭕️ Includes:

  • Twice Monthly Live Group Coaching with me
  • Monthly Live ‘Ask Me Anything’ with me
  • Monthly Guest Coaching Session
  • Feeling connected to a safe community where you are seen, heard, held, and can practice living from your feminine heart
  • Access to all of the content of the previous months in the secret Facebook Group
  • Access to the Circle Sister Support Community
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Bonuses: Full Moon Group Circle with guided meditations, access to previous Masterclasses, Yoga sessions, HIIT sessions, Female Hormonal and Nutritional information

I hope you enjoy this 🙂

Love, Charli