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Courage Dear Heart

May 17, 2021

This month (May 2021) is #mentalhealthawarenessweek and I am doing a series of 5 interviews with friends & colleagues in my field of psychology around this year's theme of NATURE. 

This first episode of this series is with Lian Brook-Tyler and she is talking about WILD NATURE

Lian is the co-founder of Primal Happiness soon to be known as 'WAKING THE WILD' and a Soul Embodiment Guide for leaders and magical ones.

Her mythical journey began when she leapt from corporate leadership onto the path of spirituality, after she suddenly, and somewhat mysteriously, recovered from 15 years of chronic pain and anxiety.

That inexplicable transformation led her to immerse herself in discovering what creates struggle, and conversely, how to create a life overflowing with love, beauty, and magic.

Her work today is focused on leading men and women along the soul-led, open-hearted sovereign path of Waking The Wild… guiding them to reclaim their wildness and actualise their deepest gifts.

Lian lives in a 400-year-old, quintessentially English country cottage with her husband, two children, and an array of ginger rescue animals.

She is living into her vision of liberating wild souls to be the unique medicine they came here to be.

I hope you enjoy listening to Lian's magical wisdom around waking her wild heart, and how this has impacted her life for the better.


Charli X 

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