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Courage Dear Heart

Apr 1, 2020

Scott has spent over 23 years as a coach, mentor, and integrative health practitioner assisting individuals in reconnecting to their innate health and well-being, improving performance and
living with clarity.

State of mind coaching is the foundation to his integrative health and well-being programs and has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, couples, families, teams, corporations and
individuals who want to live, work, perform and play from their inner vitality.

Scott is a dynamic and impactful presenter and teacher. He designs and delivers workshops and talks that leave people with a new and insightful understanding about their own health,
well-being, and potential.

In this episode we talked about:

  • The hope and possibility within the coronavirus
  • The fact that we are always living in the unknown
  • What is going on in our brain from a survival point of view
  • Why there is nothing to fear
  • How thoughts create our reality
  • How toilet roll got into our consciousness
And much more.